Ambient AI Medical Scribe
  • Detects and reduces hallucinations from clinical notes
  • Uses multiple Gen AI LLM models to achieve best accuracy
  • Proprietary note ranking algorithm chooses best note for each visit

Benefits for your doctors

Saves time

Saves up to 90 mins daily with hassle-free documentation.

Peace of mind

Highlight specific points which needs attention, rather than reviewing long lengthy notes.


Generate notes within 2 minutes. Providers finishes their Notes as they leave the examination room.

State-of-the-art AI tech stack


Records patient-doctor conversation


Transcribes the recording using Speech-to-text engine


Runs the transcript through multiple LLMs to get clinical note


The clinical note ranking algorithm chooses the best note


Delivers the best note along with highlighted items for review

Clinical documentation with best accuracy

Reduces hallucination

Proprietary Lossless NLU enhances the Generative AI to detect and reduce hallucinations.

Best accuracy

Uses multiple LLMs (Azure OpenAI, AWS Claude, AWS Mistral, Open-source LLAMA2, and others) to generate clinical notes. It then uses proprietary clinical note ranking algorithm powered by Lossless NLU to pick the best clinical note.

Rich clinical notes

Provides structured data for orders. It also provides metadata along with the note showing hallucinations in the note. This helps the provider quickly review the note without burning their eyes and mind into lengthy notes.

Cost effective and fast

Even though Simbo uses multiple LLMs, it optimizes the cost intelligently. All the above features are available at unbeatable price point. It produces notes within 2 minutes of finishing the recording.

Flexible partnership models

Simbo’s works provider organizations, EHR companies, AI scribe businesses, and human-based scribe businesses. Our flexible partnership models are built for each of them.

End-to-end platform

Simbo can provide a complete end-to-end solution. Provider App available on iPhone, Android, iPad, and Laptop/PC (Mac, Windows, Linux). We use real-time streaming of audio to provide the notes within 2 minutes.

APIs for integrated solution

We provide APIs at different levels to integrate our AI scribe tech stack to provide native capabilities in partner's solution suite. We provide APIs to upload audio or websocket based streaming to obtain notes with annotated structured data. APIs also available to obtain quality score and metadata.