Autonomous AI Phone Bot

Triages patients on phone to automate and prioritize tasks/workflows

Reduces front-desk staffing cost by 40%


Ambient AI Medical Scribe

Uses multiple LLMs and picks up the best response using proprietary scoring algorithm.

Doctors save over 100 minutes daily

Technology Edge

a. Reducing hallucinations

Simbo's proprietary AI model, Lossless NLU, transforms inputs (conversation and hitorical records) and reponse to structured meaning representation without losing any part of the meaning. It then programatically determines which parts of the output response are hallucinations and removes them.

b. Explainability

Lossless NLU is also used to provide evidence based Gen AI reponses, helping providers validate the generated note.

c. Achieve high accuracy

Different LLMs gives completely different outputs for same prompt. Simbo's ability to score the responses and determine best responses, gives providers the highest accurate clinical note in the industry. Lossless NLU also analyses each patient responses to extract intents accurately helping patient triage over automated phone calls.

Our Vision

Unified Automation Platform

Human-like intelligence

Inspired by human-brain Outer layers represents neocortex. Inner layer represents mid-brain.

Automate admin tasks worth $300B.  Reduces burnout for 15 million health care workers

Happy Customers!

“I was able to get many more task related things done during the day where I usually would have been charting the whole time. Simbo has miraculously changed my life.”

Pain Management Specialist, Michigan

“The notes have been great. And I seem to have magically gotten my life back. Thank you so much.”

ENT Surgeon, North Carolina

“Simbo AI has been integral in reducing the workload volume experienced by our front desk staff. The customer service from Simbo AI is responsive and...

Sr. Director, Teaching Hospital, Massachusetts