Why SimboConnect?

Reduces your costs

Reduces your calling business costs by up to 90%. Takes away repetitive tasks from your staff.

Dashboard streamlines tasks

Tracks all patients calls and use advanced analytics to identify gaps. No more forgotten tasks.

Solves staffing issues

Automates repetitive and boring tasks performed by your staff. Takes care of staffing issues by reducing dependency.

Engaged and happy patients.

No more frustrating holds. Engages patient using natural conversation like human.

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Key Features

Inbound Calls

SimboConnect functions as 24x7 Medical Answering Service that handles all incoming calls and can independently address up to 30% of inquiries. It can provide support for scheduling appointments, prescription refills, callback inquiries, billing concerns, and general queries such as office location and hours.

Outbound Calls

Automates your outbound call workflows. It can effectively light-triage patients, and gather important clinical information. It can perform key tasks such as post-procedure follow-up, medication change check-in, and customized patient intake forms.


SimboConnect's dashboard allows for effortless tracking of patient calls and tasks, ensuring nothing falls through the cracks. Tasks can be assigned to staff automatically, reducing risk of missed communications and improving team collaboration. Advanced analytics can help identify key gaps, enhancing patient satisfaction.

Choose Your Plan

Overflow Service

  • Includes 500 calls 24x7
  • Standard AI answering service
  • Basic dashboard
  • Dedicated phone number
  • 2 dashboard users
  • Supports 2 parallel calls
  • 360-degree follow-up
  • 50 text messages

Practice Starter

  • Includes 1200 calls 24x7
  • Standard AI answering service
  • Basic dashboard
  • 2 dedicated phone numbers
  • 5 dashboard users
  • Supports 3 parallel calls
  • 360-degree follow-up
  • 500 text messages

Practice Premium

  • Includes 3000 calls 24x7
  • Advanced AI answering service
  • Dashboard with call management features
  • 4 dedicated phone numbers
  • 10 dashboard users
  • Supports 5 parallel calls
  • 360-degree follow-up
  • 1500 text messages


  • All premium features
  • Custom AI answering service
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Advanced rule based alerting
  • EMR integration
  • Multi-modal follow-up


Simbo is using cutting-edge AI for benefit of healthcare. Our technology is loved worldwide and has won various awards and accolades.

NASSCOM Healthcare Innovation Challenge 3 Winnner (2022).

CAHOTECH Best Healthtech Startup of the year (2021).

NASSCOM Healthcare Innovation Challenge 1 Winner (2021).

CE Worldwide Emerging AI Startup (2021).

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